Find Phlebotomy Jobs In Atlanta GA

There is much interest in the field of phlebotomy because it offers jobs that are stable, good paying and the training takes a fraction of the time of nursing and other health care related jobs. A phlebotomists makes an incision into a vein to retrieve blood samples for testing. Phlebotomy is an important part of diagnosing illnesses.

The ability to diagnose a condition using a blood sample is only as good as the sample provided. For this reason, phlebotomists must be capable of taking samples in accordance with established guidelines. This means collecting the appropriate amount of blood under conditions that will prevent contamination. Phlebotomists must also identify patients before collecting blood, label samples correctly and make sure samples are sent to the lab in a timely manner.

Atlanta, Ga is a city where phlebotomists can expect to find ample opportunities to work and gain experience in the field. Atlanta has numerous hospitals, including Emory Healthcare and Grady hospital; physician's offices, clinics, residential health care facilities, Although Phlebotomy is a highly specialized field, the training for workers is relatively short. Aspiring phlebotomist can complete a program of study in about three months in most programs. Training programs are generally provided by technical schools, community colleges and health care facility programs.

Finding a phlebotomy job in Atlanta, Ga requires completion of an approved training program. As previously mentioned, the city has numerous opportunities to gain experience as a phlebotomist. A phlebotomy program graduate can expect to land an entry-level position. After six months to a year of working on the job, the employee is eligible to apply for certification through the American Society for Phlebotomy technicians.

Successfully completing the certification examination allows the phlebotomist to wear the title of CPT or certified phlebotomy technician. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median pay for a phlebotomist in 2012 was $14.12 per hour. In an urban setting such as Atlanta, Ga, an experienced certified phlebotomist can expect to earn a salary a higher level.

High Paying Phlebotomy Jobs In Charlotte NC

If you have completed your phlebotomy training program in Charlotte and have passed the licensing exam, you may now be ready to search for phlebotomy positions within your local area. Ideally, you may strive to find the highest paying phlebotomy positions in the Charlotte, NC, area. The average salary for phlebotomy positions within the metropolitan area is approximately $29,000 per year. However, the actual salary for positions can vary based on a number of factors.

The Work Environment

One important factor that can affect the salary of phlebotomy jobs in Charlotte relates to the work environment. For example, hospital laboratory phlebotomy positions generally pay slightly more than positions in medical doctor’s offices, and this may be due to the increased number of patients that hospital phlebotomists may need to work with. In fact, the salary difference between these two types of positions can vary by several thousand dollars. Traveling phlebotomists, such as those who work with insurance companies, may also earn several thousand dollars more per year.

The Work Schedule

The work schedule of the phlebotomist can also affect the salary. In a medical doctor’s office, most offices are open during traditional business hours, and these offices are not open on holidays or weekends. In a hospital or clinical environment, weekend and holiday shifts may be required. Because of this, there may be a higher salary associated with positions with more demanding or less desirable work schedules.

Your Experience

Another factor that can affect the rate of pay for phlebotomists relates to the experience of the position. Entry level positions generally will pay less than positions that require experience. Furthermore, if additional skills are need for the position, additional compensation may be provided. For example, some home health positions may require individuals to have basic nursing assistant skills as well, and these positions may compensate you for your additional education and training.

When you are searching for high paying phlebotomy positions in Charlotte, consider your own preferences regarding work environment and work schedule. Then, find the highest paying position that compensates you for your skills and education.

Leading Phlebotomy Jobs In Los Angeles

With the field of phlebotomy expected to grow by 27 percent between now and 2020, this is a wise career choice for many students just emerging from high school. With short program times and relatively low cost of tuition, more and more students interested in getting started in the medical field opt for phlebotomy jobs throughout California. Phlebotomists draw blood for a living, preparing and sending each sample to the lab for further analysis.

Job Opportunities

Leading jobs in phlebotomy in Los Angeles take place within large hospitals, medical centers, labs and private doctors' offices. Phlebotomists can also seek jobs within blood donor banks and home health care agencies.

LabCorp, a large national provider of cutting-edge medical laboratory tests and services, offers many jobs for phlebotomists. It has satellites in the Los Angeles area, including Santa Clara, with constant job postings as part of its Patient Service Center System. A high school diploma or GED is required for most jobs in this area, along with phlebotomy certification and successful completion of an approved phlebotomy training class.

Quest Diagnostics is another large provider of phlebotomy jobs, located in Whittier, CA. In addition to labs, hospitals are always on the lookout for phlebotomy specialists, especially the large regional medical centers that offer the highest employment rates in the area. These include Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, UCLA Medical Center, Keck Hospital of USC, USC Norris Cancer Hospital, Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles Medical Center, White Memorial Medical Center and Good Samaritan Hospital.

Home health care is a burgeoning field that is only expected to keep growing -- by 10 to 20 percent in the next decade, in fact -- due to the aging population of those in need of home health. Shepherd Home Health Care, Inc. in Beverly Hills is one such large area employer of phlebotomists, who must visit the homes of patients to draw regular samples of blood and transport them to a lab.

Industry Outlook

The Bureau of Labor Statistics explains that the average U.S. median salary for a phlebotomist is about $30,000. California, with an average median wage of $38,430, is number one in the country for the number of phlebotomists employed there, at about 10,000. The Los Angeles area in particular ranks number one for the highest employment level for phlebotomists at 3,180 total making an average of $38,160 a year.