Free Phlebotomy Training Online

Due to an aging population that is demanding more medical services, careers in phlebotomy are expected to increase. Phlebotomists can expect to enjoy many job openings with good salaries and workplace benefits. Now is the time to sign up for free phlebotomy training online to get started on this lucrative career.

What Is Phlebotomy?

Phlebotomy is the medical procedure of having blood taken out of the body. Phlebotomy is performed in a medical clinic, hospital or doctor's office setting. A phlebotomist may draw blood for the use in medical testing, as a form of medical treatment or when a person wants to donate blood.

What Is Included in Free Online Phlebotomy Training?

Online phlebotomy training is a comprehensive way to learn about the art and science of phlebotomy. There are several major components of online training and education for future phlebotomists. These learning tools include:
  • Instructional videos. Students can see different phlebotomy techniques performed by experienced professionals.
  • Lectures. Online video lectures describe the equipment, supplies, safety standards and other essentials of the practice of phlebotomy.
  • Instruction on dealing with difficult people, special circumstances and customer service.
  • Medical terminology and physiology.
  • Laboratory tests, protocols and procedures.
  • Blood collection techniques.
  • Infection control standards and guidelines.
  • Error prevention.
  • Education on blood and the circulatory system.

How Does Free Online Phlebotomy Training Work?

Online phlebotomy training is ideal for anyone who is not able to attend a traditional business hours in-person classroom educational program. The free phlebotomy training online is available to access 24/7. Students can learn at their own pace in this program. Upon completion of an online phlebotomy training program, students may then take an exam and seek certification to begin their new exciting careers in this growing medical service field.

Author: Emma Campbell

I am a director at the Phlebotomy Training Institute