Top Phlebotomy Jobs In NYC

With many prestigious hospitals and an expansive network of healthcare providers, New York City offers a wealth of opportunity for a phlebotomist seeking work. Phlebotomist jobs, which primarily involve the drawing of blood from patients, can be found in various types of healthcare settings, including laboratories, testing centers, doctor's offices, and hospitals. While most phlebotomy jobs have similar requirements regarding vocational training or professional certification, some aspects of the job will vary depending on the setting.

Hospital Jobs

New York City is home to some of the world's most renowned hospitals and medical centers. These facilities employ a huge number of phlebotomists to handle the task of drawing blood. At a hospital, phlebotomists don't stay in one set location: They move around the facility during their shift, visiting patients in all areas of the hospital. To accomplish this task, they transport a wheeled mobile unit that contains all their materials and supplies.

Laboratory Jobs

There is no shortage of jobs for phlebotomists at New York City's many laboratories and testing centers. Patients are sent to these facilities by their doctors when they need blood work. While a laboratory job provides phlebotomists with the opportunity to interact with a wide variety of patients, the job itself is quite stationary. The phlebotomist stays in one location at the lab, and the patients come to them. In addition to traditional laboratories, blood banks can also be a source of employment for phlebotomists with the appropriate training.

Doctor's Office Jobs

Working at one of the thousands of doctor's offices in New York City is another attractive opportunity for qualified phlebotomists. Not all doctors refer their patients to laboratories or testing centers for blood work. Some physicians employ an in-office phlebotomist to collect blood samples from patients. This situation is particularly common in larger offices where the facility is shared by a number of doctors.


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