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Phlebotomy Jobs in San Diego

The average phlebotomist earns an annual salary of $27,000. Some employers pay more than others for the same phlebotomist position. This is especially true in the San Diego area. Salary differences are based on certification, years of experience as a technician, settings, and employers. Clinical laboratory technicians are among top paid jobs for the next decade. Let’s explore the some of the best paid some top paid phlebotomist jobs in the San Diego area.

The highest paid phlebotomist likely works at the Naval Medical Center of San Diego. Phlebotomists working at the Naval Medical Center earn an annual salary of $66,000. The next highest paid phlebotomists are those working at the Seton Medical Center. Phlebotomists here earn annual salaries between $33,000 and $35,000. Some of the highest paid phlebotomists in San Diego work at Seton Medical Center or at their five affiliate medical centers.

Technicians with Mobile Phlebotomists work a few minutes south of San Diego in Chula Vista and earn annual salaries of $35,000. These positions require at least 2 years of paid phlebotomy technician experience. Mobile Phlebotomists also provide technicians with the opportunity for full-time contracts.

Phlebotomist technicians working for Healthfair Phleb and for Phlebotomist Patient Services technicians in San Diego earn annual salaries of $33,000 compared to phlebotomists working for Mobile Tea Captain who earn annual salaries of $31,000.

The Phlebotomist Clinic Lab is a part of the Kaiser Permanete Group. Besides annual salaries of $32,000, phlebotomists enjoy the many benefits, resources, and support from the Kaiser Permanete Group. Phlebotomist working for this clinic must have both certification and working experience as a phlebotomist technician.

Top hospitals such as UC San Diego Medical Center, Scripps La Jolla Hospitals & Clinics, Scripps Mercy Hospital, and Sharp Memorial Hospital pay their phlebotomists annual salaries between $25,000 and $27,000 depending on their experience and certification.

There’s definitely room to grow in salary and position as a certified phlebotomist throughout San Diego. It pays to research and find higher paying phlebotomy jobs!

Phlebotomy Jobs In Chicago

Phlebotomists have an important job, and that’s why the training is comprehensive and the rewards can be great. Chicago, like other cities in the U.S., has a need for skilled phlebotomists to add their expertise to the world of medicine.

Where would a phlebotomist work in Chicago?

There is a consistent need for phlebotomists in hospitals, medical centers, clinics and other types of medical facilities. In Chicago, these facilities could include pharmaceutical laboratories, public health clinics, blood banks, military field hospitals, hospice centers, and prison infirmaries. Institutions of health ranging from Northwestern Memorial Hospital to the many hospice programs that dot the city all necessitate phlebotomists.

How much money would he or she make?

Many of these jobs can be lucrative, especially in a city like Chicago, where salaries can be decently high. The average salary of a phlebotomist nationwide, according to the US Government Bureau of Labor Statistics and based on a variety of sources, is $20.28 per hour. The lowest phlebotomist salary can be $12.19 an hour, and the highest, depending on where you work, can be $30.00. An annual salary could climb close to $60,000, depending on where one gets a job.

What does a phlebotomist do?

Upon securing a job as a phlebotomist in one of these locations, the job responsibilities may include sterilizing equipment; updating patient records; sending urine samples to the lab for testing; preparing stains; explaining procedures; and taking patients’ blood pressure, respiration rate, and pulse rate. It’s also important for the phlebotomist to set a patient at ease in a room where blood will be extracted. The phlebotomist must ask important questions that are needed for documentation. Most importantly, however, the phlebotomist has to see that the needle is inserted into the correct spot in the arm vein, finger, or heel.

Where can a phlebotomist get trained?

Before landing a lucrative job as a phlebotomist, you have to get the right training. There are multiple certification programs throughout Chicago and throughout the nation that could allow you to be trained in as little as one year.

If you’re looking for a job that’s rewarding—a job that showers you with a good salary and with the ability to positively affect people and put them at ease—phlebotomy is a great option.

Phlebotomy Training In Phoenix

Phlebotomists may work in laboratories, hospitals, private clinics or blood banks. As part of their job, they are expected to interview patients, draw blood samples and safely store the samples for later transport and processing. Phlebotomy is a rewarding and fulfilling way to begin a career in healthcare. However, anyone who lives in Phoenix and who wants to become a phlebotomist must first undergo a specific training program. These programs usually consist of at least 11 instruction hours and a significant amount of clinical hours, which provides hands-on training. Most schools require at least 160 clinical hours.

The following subjects are usually included in the classroom portion of the program:
  • Basic first aid
  • Basic sanitation and hygiene procedures
  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Proper blood sample collection
  • Office procedures for clinics
After students have finished their course, they can apply for certification. One of the major national certification bodies for phlebotomists is the American Society of Clinical Pathologists (ASCP). Once this certification is granted, graduates are free to pursue work as phlebotomists both in Phoenix and across the country. If you are living in Phoenix and want to train as a phlebotomist, then you may be interested in programs that are local to you.

Phoenix is home to several phlebotomy training programs. Courses are offered at the following institutions:

  • Phoenix College
  • Brookline College
  • Maricopa Community Colleges
  • Arizona College (in nearby Glendale)

Requirements for Phlebotomy Training in Phoenix

In addition to a successfully completed application, anyone who wants to begin a phlebotomy training course must first make sure that all of their vaccinations are up to date. This is because they will be working with blood and may access patients who have diseases such as Hepatitis A or B. In addition, some programs in Phoenix may require background checks and drug tests.

Job Outlook for Phlebotomists in Phoenix

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), phlebotomists in Arizona could expect to earn $15.17 as a median hourly wage and had a mean annual salary of $32,490.

Job opportunities for phlebotomists in Phoenix and the surrounding suburbs tend to be quite good. The overall national demand for phlebotomists is expected to grow by 27 percent in the next ten years due to the aging U.S. population. Given the high number of retirees in the Phoenix area, a career in phlebotomy could prove to be very rewarding.

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