How to Land Entry Level Phlebotomy Jobs

Phlebotomy is a medical process that is used frequently in hospitals and private clinic settings. This procedure makes a small incision in a patient's vein with a needle in order to draw a certain amount of blood. The blood sample drawn may be sent on to a medical laboratory for further analysis.

What Is Phlebotomy?

Phlebotomy is the medical procedure that occurs when a medical professional pricks a patient's finger or draws additional blood from a patient. The actually drawing of the blood sample is called venipuncture. A phlebotomist, doctor or nurse may take these samples. The following instructions may request a blood sample:

1. Medical Testing
Medical testing is frequently requested by a patient's physician in order to rule out certain diseases or medical problems.

2. Transfusions
A donor who wishes to give blood during a blood drive is assisted by a phlebotomist. This medical assistant is the person who is taking the blood donation.

3. Research
Blood may be taken for certain types of medical research purposes.

What Training Is Required for an Entry Level Position as a Phlebotomist?

Several states require that a phlebotomist receive a license and specialized training that is monitored by a state licensing board. The states that require additional licensing in order to perform this job position are California, Washington, Nevada and Louisiana. Other jurisdictions require on the job training including the following:

1. Preparing a Patient
A patient will need to be prepared regarding this medical procedure. Preparation can include cleaning the incision area and teaching the patient about the upcoming medical process.

2. Performing the Skin Vein Puncture
A phlebotomist is required to puncture the skin vein and to draw the blood into the necessary containers. The blood samples are sent on to the necessary laboratories.

A phlebotomist is a medical assistant who is in charge of drawing necessary blood samples and sending these samples on to the laboratories for further examination. Most phlebotomy students need to complete a course in this medical discipline and have certain hours of necessary training and experience.

Top Phlebotomy Jobs In Columbus Ohio

Columbus, Ohio is a thriving metropolis with a strong system of healthcare resources. Phlebotomists with the appropriate training have a variety of job opportunities available to them, including work in hospitals, laboratories, blood banks, and doctor's offices. These positions generally require basic training in phlebotomy, and some may even request that their phlebotomists be certified by a professional organization. While all phlebotomy jobs center around the drawing of blood from patients, the work environment and day-to-day duties may vary somewhat depending on the setting.

Laboratories and Testing Centers

Phlebotomy jobs are plentiful in Columbus, Ohio's many laboratories and testing centers. These facilities receive a steady stream of patients who have been sent for blood work by their doctor; job applicants also visit these laboratories for routine drug screening. Phlebotomists can gain valuable experience working with a diverse set of patients while working in one of these labs.

Blood Banks

Blood banks can be a viable source of employment for phlebotomists in Columbus, Ohio. These facilities need employees with phlebotomy training to screen donors and handle blood donations.

Doctor's Offices

Many doctor's offices in Columbus employ their own phlebotomist instead of sending patients to a laboratory for blood work. In these larger offices, usually shared by a number of doctors, a phlebotomist can work as part of the office staff, collecting blood samples from patients throughout the day.


Columbus, Ohio is home to several well-regarded hospitals, and these facilities often have need of qualified phlebotomists. Nurses with phlebotomy training often handle the task of drawing blood from patients and preparing IV drips, but sometimes phlebotomists are hired to assist with these duties. Hospital phlebotomists don't stay in one location within the hospital: they travel throughout the facility with a mobile unit containing their supplies, working with patients in all areas of the hospital.

Find Phlebotomy Jobs In Atlanta GA

There is much interest in the field of phlebotomy because it offers jobs that are stable, good paying and the training takes a fraction of the time of nursing and other health care related jobs. A phlebotomists makes an incision into a vein to retrieve blood samples for testing. Phlebotomy is an important part of diagnosing illnesses.

The ability to diagnose a condition using a blood sample is only as good as the sample provided. For this reason, phlebotomists must be capable of taking samples in accordance with established guidelines. This means collecting the appropriate amount of blood under conditions that will prevent contamination. Phlebotomists must also identify patients before collecting blood, label samples correctly and make sure samples are sent to the lab in a timely manner.

Atlanta, Ga is a city where phlebotomists can expect to find ample opportunities to work and gain experience in the field. Atlanta has numerous hospitals, including Emory Healthcare and Grady hospital; physician's offices, clinics, residential health care facilities, Although Phlebotomy is a highly specialized field, the training for workers is relatively short. Aspiring phlebotomist can complete a program of study in about three months in most programs. Training programs are generally provided by technical schools, community colleges and health care facility programs.

Finding a phlebotomy job in Atlanta, Ga requires completion of an approved training program. As previously mentioned, the city has numerous opportunities to gain experience as a phlebotomist. A phlebotomy program graduate can expect to land an entry-level position. After six months to a year of working on the job, the employee is eligible to apply for certification through the American Society for Phlebotomy technicians.

Successfully completing the certification examination allows the phlebotomist to wear the title of CPT or certified phlebotomy technician. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median pay for a phlebotomist in 2012 was $14.12 per hour. In an urban setting such as Atlanta, Ga, an experienced certified phlebotomist can expect to earn a salary a higher level.