How to earn a online phlebotomy certification

Phlebotomy certification is gained by taking an exam and completing a study course. The exam fees are subject to change from one year to the next, and they are provided by the American Society of Phlebotomy Technicians. Courses are offered online or in classrooms.

State Certification Requirements

he first step to gaining certification online is researching state requirements for phlebotomy technicians. Some states such as California have very specific requirements for programs and certification. However, states such as Arizona do not have requirements. It is important to research this before enrolling in an online school, and this is especially true if the school is based in a different state where requirements may be different.

Accredited Online Programs

After learning state requirements for certification, start comparing accredited online programs. One benefit of online phlebotomy certification programs is that they are usually offered to students in various states despite the state the program is based in. However, some schools may offer lower tuition rates to students residing in the same state. Also, students who are concerned about tuition should make sure they pick schools offering financial aid options they can qualify for.

Hands-On Experience

No online certification program should be based completely on the Internet. If it is, it is best to keep looking. The most thorough programs will include hands-on training, which is completed at a school campus or in a lab. Many of the skills phlebotomy technicians must have require practice and training to develop. Some schools may have separate fees associated with phlebotomy labs, and students may need to purchase clothing or uniforms as well.

Enrolling in an online program is easy. Most programs have counselors who can help students complete all of the necessary enrollment work. This usually includes filling out an application and gathering any personal information or tax documents needed for financial aid. Once the online program has been completed, a student may take the phlebotomy certification exam. Students may contact the American Society of Phlebotomy Technicians to find nearby testing locations when it is time to take the exam.


I am a director at the Phlebotomy Training Institute