Phlebotomy Certification Miami and Things to Do Here

Phlebotomy Certification Miami

Phlebotomy Training Miami opportunities abound, allowing students to pursue a career path of working in the medical field. Becoming a phlebotomist often involves about one year of class work coupled with hands-on internships where students must complete a certain number of successful skin punctures in the field. The course work is heavily dependent on the sciences, particularly human anatomy and physiology. Some schools in Miami offer dual certification in other areas as well, such as EKG. Phlebotomists are medical professionals who draw blood from patients and send those samples to a lab for further testing. They are trained in how to safely handle the specimens and transport those sterile specimens to the laboratory for testing. They may be employed in standalone labs, work within doctors’ offices or work in a hospital setting. Some work in blood donor centers.

Phlebotomy Certification in Miami: Phlebotomy Classes in Miami
Miami-Dade College at 950 NW 20 Street offers a phlebotomy program on its medical campus to prepare students in the science of drawing blood by venipuncture as well as capillary puncture. Students learn how to take blood specimens, how to properly label them, and how to transport them to the laboratory. Classes take just one semester to complete.

Another school in Miami offering a degree and certification in phlebotomy is the Florida Medical Training Institute on 7902 NW 36 Street. This is a dual-certification course in both phlebotomy and EKG tech, involving two parts to the course followed by a 120-hour externship. Other Miami schools include Genesis Vocational Institute, CBT College, Life-Line Med Training and Nursing Unlimited.

Phlebotomy Certification Miami Miami: Phlebotomy Salary in Miami
The median annual wage for phlebotomists in the United States is $29,730, says the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The state of Florida has the third highest employment level for phlebotomy, with an annual mean wage of $27,310. Job growth in this industry is expected to grow by 27 percent by 2020, which is much faster than the average occupation in the U.S. Many hospitals, blood donor programs, medical centers, labs and doctors’ offices in Miami looking for qualified phlebotomists require not only a post-secondary award from a reputable phlebotomy program but also certification and licensure.

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Miami Offers More Than Just a Beach: Things to Do

Miami is a place that people to experience the beach. It is natural that this might be a place that is at the very top of your list of places to live because you would be crazy if it wasn’t! It is equal parts city and magnificent ocean. Miami is such an exciting place to be for everything from Spring Break to Summer to very cold winters up north. But what if I told you that Miami has so much more to offer than just city life and beaches?

She’s known for all the glitz and glam that you can imagine, and the Magic City is not to be minimized to anything less than magnificent at creating the best beach and city destination. But there are things to do here that are unknown to so many people. As a native who was born and raised here, I know the ins and outs of everything Miami has to offer that is on the down-low. And plot twist: she has tons of suburbs, which means this is actually not a bad place to raise kids or a family, despite popular opinion. Let’s walk through the big icons as well as the exciting hidden treasures that are in Miami.

Miami Beach

We must place Miami Beach at the top of the list, or else we would not be doing proper justice to this city. Though it is not just a beach, the beach is a big part of what makes it special. Miami Beach is one of the greatest beaches in the world. Its water is crystal blue and it’s beautiful sand stretches for miles and miles and miles that seem to go on forever. This beach is legendary and it’s technically an island of its own outside of the perimeter of what we would call Miami. Miami Beach is located in the Art Deco District, so that means you can see buildings and skyscrapers as you do a 360 turn while standing on the beach.

There are many beaches out there that people hype up, but they will not deliver properly. I’ve been to a plethora of beaches all around the country (and outside of it) that are talked about as if they are the most beautiful beaches, but you will get there in the water will be dirty and the sand will be fake. That is not the case with Miami Beach. It really does live up to all the hype it gets.

When you visit Miami Beach, you’ll be able to see every type of person imaginable. From huge families to older people enjoying retirement, to vacationers, to supermodels and famous people. If you go to the beach, chances are you will see someone famous at some point. Many of them tend to hang out here!

As you would expect, there are people hanging out on the beach at pretty much every point in the year, seeing as the winter only really gets to about 65 at its coldest. This is the perfect escape from the cold weather. It is truly something special, but remember to bring your sunscreen here and plenty of water! Don’t forget a good book and some tunes, as well as some sand toys for your children to use while playing in the sand (if you have them).  

Art Deco District

Let’s talk about the Art Deco District. As you know, the beach is technically part of this district. But it really is a beauty in and of itself and encompasses so much more than just the beach. It takes on the 1930s Havana style feel that was prevalent when Miami became a booming metropolitan city. The Art Deco District looks pretty much untouched and frozen within this era, but is also infused with modern delights.

Ocean Drive

Along Ocean Drive, you can find endless restaurants, hotels that will remind you of the great Gatsby and people from all walks of life walking the streets. This area can get pretty busy, but it’s a good kind of busy. You can overlook the sand and the ocean as you eat on a deck at a delicious and iconic restaurant of your choice. This is the area where many celebrities have eaten in restaurants along the road as well as shopped here. A quick google search will show you just how prevalent the famous have been in this area over the years!

One of the best things to do on Ocean Drive is to take an ocean view tour. Here, you’ll see all of the landmarks and icons pointed out and get a history lesson as to why they are so iconic and cherished. If you are moving to Miami, this would be a great lesson for you as a newcomer to get acquainted with the history and story of Miami.

Lincoln Road

Close to the Art Deco District, you’ll find Lincoln Road. This is where you can buy a $600 tank top, and is iconically the area where celebrities go to dine and shop. There are restaurants, parking garages, and sidewalks alongside the mall. This outdoor mall is one of the most luxurious shopping centers you can visit in Miami.

If you don’t even intend to buy anything but simply want to stroll along on a beautiful weekend morning, this is the place to go. If you are going to show people around your city, this is where you should take them. The beach is walking distance and there are endless possibilities for the visitor to explore and appreciate.

Bayside Marketplace

Another iconic place to shop, eat, enjoy entertainment, a great atmosphere, and explore, is the Bayside marketplace. This is right on the water in the center of Downtown Miami. You can pretty much do anything imaginable here, but as another outside mall, it really is a beautiful place to go at any point in the day.

Many locals come here for the various entertainment opportunities and to shop for a bit of a cheaper price than you would on Lincoln Road or Ocean Drive. Many iconic restaurants live here as well as specialty stores. Overlooking the water in so many places is one of the highlights of living in Miami, and that is what Bayside is all about. There is always music and entertainment as well as a beautiful marina. All your senses will be entranced in this marketplace.

Freedom Tower

Bayside Marketplace takes us to the downtown area of Miami, FL. Now that we are here, let’s talk about one of the iconic symbols of downtown and one that many Miamians truly embrace as part of their legacy. Let’s talk about the Freedom Tower. The Freedom Tower is a symbol for immigrants, specifically the Cuban immigrants who took refuge in America in the early 1900s, throughout the time in between, and still today. As the child of an immigrant, I know the wealth of history and symbol of liberty that this beautiful tower holds and that it is worth so much more than just a beautiful building to look at.

This symbol is similar to how the immigrants coming into New York would look at Lady Liberty. She’s one of the oldest buildings that is still standing in all of her beauty, completely untouched. Her purpose is continuing to this day. The reason for this is because this tower is where the immigrants would go to get processed. It played a vital role in the immigration process, and therefore holds a ton of meaning and weight for both those who got away and their ancestors who grew up hearing the story, with this tower at the center.

Another reason this building is so significant is that the Miami Daily News set up camp here as a head office at one point. You can’t really miss the tower and once you learn the history of it, you will be completely taken aback at the symbol it stands for. Miami does not have a history spanning hundreds and hundreds of years in American history because she was built in the way she stands now much later on, but this is one symbol that is truly remarkable.

Miami Children’s Museum

Next up is in Miami Children’s Museum which is one of the most entertaining museums in all of Miami. Adults will tell you that they go here by themselves simply because it is so interactive and exciting. There are plenty of children’s museums everywhere you go in any state or city you were in. But this one specifically is larger than life and has every type of child exhibit you can imagine. If you have children and are moving to Miami, this would be a perfect place to take them. But even if you were single or have a partner move here, this is still a place to enjoy the day. This museum matches the magnificence and bigness that Miami is known for. See, Miami is a great place for kids too!

Venetian Pool

Venetian Pool in Coral Gables is one of Miami’s top attractions. It draws everyone from visitors to locals and it is constantly booming. This freshwater aquatic attraction is a taste of Venice Italy, and visiting will truly change every pool experience you’ve ever had before and will not allow you to look at any pool you visit in the future in the same way again. It is filled with fresh spring water on an almost daily basis, and it is freezing cold. When you’re in 80 to 90-degree weather in Miami, this is a huge blessing.

Everything from anniversaries to parties to simple activities are some of the reasons why people go here frequently. This pool has corals all around it and will remind you of a deep spring that belongs in the jungle or Caribbean, but is in the middle of a suburban area. Though ironically, it perfectly into the Coral Gables feel which has tons of hanging Moss trees and beautiful old architecture buildings and humongous modern-mid century homes. This pool was built in the 1920s, which means it has the same level of history as the Freedom Tower does or as Ocean Drive.

The actual makeup of Venetian pool is of coral rock. Of all the pools you can visit in Miami, this is the most magnificent and most beautiful. You’ll have a hard time going to any other pool once you have experienced Venetian pool, especially if there’s chlorine involved and a lack of coral and freezing cold freshwater. This is an experience you must have if you are living in Miami, or even if you were just visiting!

Zoo Miami

Zoo Miami is still the best zoo I have ever been to, to date. It is so incredibly updated that you feel as if you are at a theme park when you come here. It is super kid-friendly and friendly for animal lovers as well. They have open exhibits here, meaning that endangered species are in areas that resemble their homes almost exactly. They have humongous spaces to roam free and you get to experience them in their natural habitat.

There are so many options to get up close and personal with them such as the lion’s den cave that has a thick glass where they come right up to you. There is also the camel feeding which is such a fun experience for families of all kinds to enjoy! Everything from elephants to giraffes to reptiles to fish exists here and you can tell that they are treated well.

There are plenty of shows, educational environments, and kids activities. You’ll also find opportunities for kids to enjoy simply being kids, such as the area where they can run around and get wet. Don’t forget to bring bathing suits if you’re coming to the zoo with children! Because of the climate, and the way that the animals are kept and presented, you will feel as if you were exploring a Safari. This is one of the most wonderful zoos, though it is not extremely large, meaning you cannot knock it out in a day or two, depending on the pace you go. There are about 200 animals that live here.

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

This attraction is one of the most iconic of all the ones in Miami that is not super well known to those who are not from there. Here, you will find a European-Spanish Renaissance style museum that has a total of 34 rooms to explore as well as a humongous courtyard to marvel at. This truly is the type of thing that you must see to believe. The beauty is exquisite and its architecture is unmatched.

As legend has it, Skilled craftsmen came over from Europe to create the estate. If you are looking for some history and culture that does not play into the modern feel of the city life and beach, this is the place to go. Miami is not a place that is known for its history, but here there is a plethora of it.

John Deering built this estate in the early 1900s, which is about as far back as Miami history goes that has nothing to do with Native American tribes. Miami became a city in 1896, which is only a few years before this gem was built. The purpose John Deering had for this estate was to resemble the palaces in Europe. He did a pretty great job, as you can see if you visit.

Holocaust Memorial

As you can see, I’m trying to walk you through attractions that don’t play into the entertainment hype alone. Miami is so much richer than just a place to go for spring break and a good party. There’s a lot of beauty and history here that exceeds what you might expect. One of those things is the Holocaust Memorial on Miami Beach.

There was a lot of push back when the Greater Miami Jewish Federation built this memorial. This is because folks were scared that I would ruin the vibe of fun and entertainment that goes along with Miami. Thankfully, those against it were overruled and it was built regardless. This memorial was built by Holocaust survivors, and it is a vital piece of what makes Miami great. This tribute is to those who have suffered and it is situated in an iconic spot, which makes it all the more special. Don’t forget to check this memorial out. It may not be a fun or exciting thing to do, but it is important.

Miami Seaquarium

Miami Seaquarium is considered to be the best aquarium in Miami, and it really is one of the best in South Florida.  getsThis is a great place to take kids and enjoy as adults. You’ll see so many different shows and exhibitions, so many animals and slides and water excitement. This is one of the main things that people with families, especially small children, do in Miami. Don’t miss out on it! While you are here, make sure to ride the dolphins and encounter animals of all kinds. It is quite an experience for all ages!

Little Havana

Little Havana is Miami’s way of paying tribute to the true Havana in Cuba. Havana is the capital of Cuba and since there are so many Cuban Americans living in Miami who have come directly from Cuba, Little Havana is pretty true to the real thing. Nowadays, if you drive through, it is being gentrified big time. Huge skyscrapers,  modern housing, tall apartment complexes, and even the Marlin stadium sit in and around Little Havana, but it still holds so much of its original flavor.

If you want to get a true and authentic Cuban experience, go to Little Havana. You will eat some of the best Cuban food, see some of the best cultural symbols and art that this culture holds dear, experience so much cultural music, and be able to grow a true affection and knowledge of the Cuban-American experience.

Little Havana is a tribute to what America is all about, which is inviting other cultures and ethnicities to grow the American culture and partake in the American dream through hard work and good values. Cuban-Americans add to the quality and beauty of America.

Final Thoughts on Phlebotomy Training in Miami: Diversity in Miami

This one is not necessarily a place, but a staple of the Miami experience. When you step into Miami, whether that be driving in or getting off of the plane, you realize that you will never sit next to a person that looks exactly like you or has the same cultural experiences or is the same ethnicity as you. Whether you sit in a restaurant, at a church service, or on a plane, the diversity that exists here is incredible. Every type of person from every type of place lives here, or so it seems. Of course, that does not mean that there is not a fair share of racism and bigotry, as this exists anywhere you go in the world. Just that the acceptance level here when it comes to differences is high.

Miami has acceptance that is far above many other places in this nation. There are people of every color, ethnicity, culture, race, and way of life here. Specifically, from the Caribbean, you will find many people came over into America. This means there are many Haitians, Jamaicans, Cubans, Puerto Ricans, Venezuela, and so many other ethnicities. You’ll find Asian Americans as well as Asians who are not yet American, and white Americans as well.

There are so many different dialects and ways of doing life here which will show you that there is not one right away, but we are all working towards a common goal and dream. The people of Miami are hard-working and determined to make a life for themselves and their families all that it should be: rich. Experiencing Miami is different than any other place, but not just for the hype. There are so many reasons that Miami exceeds expectations that have nothing to do with what it is known for. This is a beautiful thing!

Author: Emma Campbell

I am a director at the Phlebotomy Training Institute