High Paying Phlebotomy Jobs In Charlotte NC

If you have completed your phlebotomy training program in Charlotte and have passed the licensing exam, you may now be ready to search for phlebotomy positions within your local area. Ideally, you may strive to find the highest paying phlebotomy positions in the Charlotte, NC, area. The average salary for phlebotomy positions within the metropolitan area is approximately $29,000 per year. However, the actual salary for positions can vary based on a number of factors.

The Work Environment

One important factor that can affect the salary of phlebotomy jobs in Charlotte relates to the work environment. For example, hospital laboratory phlebotomy positions generally pay slightly more than positions in medical doctor’s offices, and this may be due to the increased number of patients that hospital phlebotomists may need to work with. In fact, the salary difference between these two types of positions can vary by several thousand dollars. Traveling phlebotomists, such as those who work with insurance companies, may also earn several thousand dollars more per year.

The Work Schedule

The work schedule of the phlebotomist can also affect the salary. In a medical doctor’s office, most offices are open during traditional business hours, and these offices are not open on holidays or weekends. In a hospital or clinical environment, weekend and holiday shifts may be required. Because of this, there may be a higher salary associated with positions with more demanding or less desirable work schedules.

Your Experience

Another factor that can affect the rate of pay for phlebotomists relates to the experience of the position. Entry level positions generally will pay less than positions that require experience. Furthermore, if additional skills are need for the position, additional compensation may be provided. For example, some home health positions may require individuals to have basic nursing assistant skills as well, and these positions may compensate you for your additional education and training.

When you are searching for high paying phlebotomy positions in Charlotte, consider your own preferences regarding work environment and work schedule. Then, find the highest paying position that compensates you for your skills and education.

Author: Emma Campbell

I am a director at the Phlebotomy Training Institute